Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friends for Life - A Love That Cannot End

This morning I drove amongst towering redwoods overlooking the Pacific not far from Alice and my home here in Northern California. For a moment I thought that my surroundings couldn't get more beautiful, and then "Amigos para siempre (Friends for life)" sung by Sarah Brightman and José Carreras played on my iPod through the car radio - a sight, sound, and memories masterpiece!

All my senses were engaged, and then I heard the verse: "Amics per sempre, means a love that cannot end," and I beheld a vision of Alice.

A couple of weeks ago we traveled in Guatemala. As we toured a museum in Antigua, I saw a delightfully sweet mural painted on the wall of an attached school playground. Alice and I had been traveling for almost two weeks, and we were both missing Buddy. As I looked at the mural, the dog on the left reminded me of our little "friend for life."

Here it is.

(click on the photo to enlarge it, then change the magnification at the bottom right from "100%" to "50%")

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story.