Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Wins Debate, Loses News Analysis

Senator John McCain clearly won the debate with Senator Obama, so it came as no surprise to me this morning when I found that the media declared Senator Obama the winner just because McCain didn't wipe the stage with him (Ithought he did).

(On Drudge Report, Senator McCain beat Obama by more than 2 to 1, with 68 percent of over 384,000 votes cast.)

The Main Stream Media (MSM) set expectations low for Obama (after the debate was over), and then found he met or even exceeded their expectations. Also, they set expectations for John McCain very high (before the debate, the same MSM said that he was afraid to debate Obama), but after McCain won the MSM said he did not win by enough to meet their lofty expectations.

In other words, the debate itself was irrelevant, and one way or another the MSM was going to anoint Obama the winner.

This would be a neat concept to apply to sports. If a football team was favored by nine points, and only won by eight, their losing opponent would be declared the victor.

Clearly, all Obama has to do to win a debate is show up. If he’s still standing at the end, he will be declared the winner by the MSM on the basis that he met or exceeded their expectations.

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