Saturday, April 29, 2006

101st Fighting Keyboardists

This is the logo of a blogger group I joined, the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, formed by Captain Ed Morrisey of Captain's Quarters, and friends. Lots of friends. The inspiration for the group is the penchant of the Left to try to shut up supporters of the Iraq Reconstuction by calling them "chicken hawks." Although I served in the Air Force for over 21 years, 1962-1984, I never saw combat. Most of us in the military, including a lot that went to Vietnam, never saw or will see combat either. Be that as it may, it is scurilous of the Left to try to shut up supporters of President Bush's policies in Iraq by name calling.

The Left used similar arguements against conservatives when we said Bill Clinton should not be the Commander in Chief because he was a draft dodger, and had stated that he "loathed the military." In turn, the military loathed Bill Clinton, and he was a very ineffective Commander in Chief. However, the Left supported Bill's military adventures, like the ill-considered "bombing-lite" of Iraq in 1998, the attack that killed the cleaning ladies in the Sudan asprin factory, and the cruise missile barrage that scared the piss out of a couple of camels in the Afghanistan boondocks. The Left, almost all of whom have no military experience, supported his actions, even though it appears that Bill, while discussing one of the attacks via telephone with an Army general, was being serviced by Monica. Another example of his vaunted ability to "compartmentalize" things, and multitask.

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