Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mohammad Cartoons Update

Islamofascist idiocy about the Mohammad cartoons has reared up again, this time as a lawsuit by Pakistanis against the Danish newspaper that ran the cartoons over half a year ago. If the suit is successful, the penalty is, of course, death. Along the way, bloggers discovered that a Danish imam displayed a supposedly offensive portrayal of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) that turned out to be a bad photocopy of a Frenchman participating in a pig-squealing contest that had nothing to do with Islam or Mohammad (pbuh). Because of the perfidy and rabble rousing of this Danish imam, many Muslims died foolish deaths, and some non-Muslims were killed also.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has been on top of the Mohammad cartoon craziness from the start, and has links to the latest. The whole thing has been and continues to be ludicrous, except that the Islam idiots take it seriously and people die. Supposedly this is to prevent idolatry, but in the process they have made idols of both Mohammad, just a man, and the Koran, just a book. When they are not blowing up and destroying mosques, Korans, and fellow Muslims, the Islamofascists are looking for the tiniest sign of blasphemy or disrespect to have an excuse to attack everyone else.

As usual, Islam proclaims it is a religion of peace, and will kill anyone who disagrees.

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