Monday, April 24, 2006

The Reconquistadores

(Mexifornia may have been coined by Victor Davis Hanson a couple of years ago when he wrote Mexifornia, A State Of Becoming.)

Reconquista is the current rallying cry for illegal immigrants from Mexico and some Mexican-Americans, and has provoked concern and outrage among many American citizens. Truly, Reconquista is much ado about nothing. The plan of the Army of Reconquistadores appears quite simple – in fact, exceedingly simplistic – they are going to shoot out babies!

Simplistic, yes, but they have a role model, the Arabs in Israel and Muslims in Europe. Especially in Europe, the Muslim conquest via higher birthrates will eventually succeed, primarily because Muslims are increasingly separating themselves from the modern lifestyles of their hosts. By their already great numbers and cultural isolation, they have succeeded in instituting de facto Muslim law or Sharia in parts of France, and to a lesser extent in Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and Scandinavian countries.

European countries have helped the Muslim conquest, especially through their generous socialist welfare programs. In addition, Europeans do have very low birthrates, which Muslims are quick to point out make their victory just a matter of time. Personally, I think their low birthrates are a reflection of their high taxes and high costs of living, combined with high rates of unemployment – in other words, the Europeans have succeeded in creating a depressing socialist environment that discourages the creation and growth of both strong economies and families with children.

Los Reconquistadores are faced with totally different circumstances in the United States. The major differences include, the U. S. is the richest country in the world, by far, has the most stable government and economy, and although not really a factor, has the third largest population in the world.

More importantly, the U. S. has a Constitution and system of courts and laws that protect its citizens from the tyranny of any majority, such as one that might be created by a flood of illegal immigrants with a high birthrate. Even if hoards of illegal immigrants quickly became citizens, they would not be able to usurp the rights of other citizens by suspending their Constitutional rights.

So the question becomes, why would the Reconquistadores want Mexican rule in the United States? Didn’t they come to the United States to enjoy the prosperity that the failed governments of Mexico have never been able to secure for its own citizens? Do they want everyone to be as miserable as their friends and families back in Mexico?

Many of us have heard variations of claims by the Reconquistadores that they didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them, or that they can’t be illegal immigrants on their own land. So then we should investigate their claim that we took something of theirs, and now they are taking it back. Who established their claim to the Southwestern United States, and when?

Apparently their claim is based upon Native Americans being here first and having their lands taken away by conquest. This of course also happened in all the lands of North and South America, including Mexico, as evidenced by the “foreign” languages – English, Spanish, and Portuguese – that are the official languages rather than the languages of the Inca, Mayans, Aztecs, etc.

Now that we have established that there were a series of conquests throughout the Americas, it becomes difficult to determine which conquest and which conquered peoples have the rights to the various territories. Do the Aztec descendents, who if they ventured north of the Rio Grande never established their settlements and culture, still have a claim to del Norte? If so (and even if not), what claim do Mexicans have to lands ceded to the United States via purchase or treaty?

Also, do you have to be a pure-blooded Native American to claim title to all of North America? Would a Mexican of pure Spanish descent have an equal claim? A half-breed? Is the slightest trace of Native American blood all it takes? In making racial determinations, the Reconquistadores could look to Nazi Germany, and South Africa during apartheid, for guidance.

Los Reconquistadores have as much right to be in the United States without proper entry documents as American Indians have to be in Mexico without approved documents.

I have also heard illegal immigrants demanding equal rights. In respect to violations of law, they already have the same right as American citizens. They have the right to be silent when questioned or detained by the police. Comprende?

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