Saturday, April 08, 2006

Main Stream Media Ducks Freedom Of Speech Fight

Update: So much for cartoon bravery. South Park may have been ready to take on the Islamofascists, but their network Comedy Central weren't. From Power Line:

"The episode was built around a network and the free speech/Mohammed hypocrisy. Mohammed's appearance in the cartoon was of him handing off a football, purposefully tame. That's when the "Comedy Central won't air this part" popped up. Then, in the cartoon, the Muslim extremists react by making their own offensive cartoon, including the images of Jesus and Bush defecating on themselves and the American people."

So Mohammed doing even the most innocuous thing was too much for Comedy Central, but I guess they figured correctly that no amount of offense involving Christians or Republicans would lead to violence. Islamofascists rule!

I posted the link and article below thinking that a major American media outlet was finally ready to stand up for freedom. Wrong again.

The Officers' Club: South Park Takes on the Mohammed Cartoons Freedom in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" has fallen to a very low level when we applaud a television cartoon show for standing up for freedom of speech, and find that the standard bearers of freedom of speech, our newspapers, magazines, and TV news, have wimped out. In the military we had a crude saying, "Don't shit in your mess kit." Freedom of speech is the basis for the existence of our news services. If they can't stand up and protect their turf, they are less than useless - they are dangerous, because like paying the ransom invites the next kidnapping, caving in to Islamist threats encourages more. Soon they will only feel safe printing "all the news that Islam says is fit to print." Then the Piglet doll on your desk, or the piggy bank you collect loose change in, will invite a complaint, and your boss will tell you "we can't afford to make them angry." These are not unrealistic concerns - these are complaints that have already caused rules against displaying "pigs" in England. Militant Islamists are creating "super rights" to not be offended by the customary practices of their "host" countries.

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