Friday, June 23, 2006

Left Takes Pride In Losing Wars By The Rules

What sense is there to fight by the rules when your opponent doesn’t? To fight an opponent in accordance with the Geneva Convention when your opponent does not? Do we have a feeling of smug satisfaction that we lost a fight fair and square because our opponents fought dirty and cheated? Will that earn us their respect, so they will cut off our heads with a sharp knife instead of sawing away with a dull one?

The Left says that if we fight the same way as the Islamofascists (the Left of course does not call them Islamofascists), that we are as bad as them. In other words, we must follow rules that cause us to sacrifice our people to prove that we are better than them. This is the height of stupidity masquerading as moral superiority. The Muslim unlawful combatants torture then kill our soldiers, and yet when we capture them we are supposed to treat them better than we treat our citizen convicts?

None of this makes any sense, and Deluded America, by Diana West in the June 23, 2006 Washington Times, is must reading on the absurdity of our highly constrained approach to fighting Muslims who unleash uncivilized attacks on civilized nations.

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