Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oikophobia - The Left's Affliction

Finally there is a name for the condition that guides the “Blame America First” crowd -- “oikophobia”, the mirror image of xenophobia. Oikophobia is the aversion to home; the repudiation of the national idea; denigration of the concept of loyalty to customs and traditions for which we are prepared to die to preserve.

Lemuel Calhoon at Hillbilly White Trash has linked to a remarkable speech by Roger Scruton, who pointed out how the Left bludgeons advocates of national pride and patriotism by labeling it xenophobia and racism.

We see it every day. The Left said George Bush was wrong, Jacque Chirac was right, concerning Iraq. George Bush acted out of concern for world safety from terrorism, Chirac by concern for the “Food for Oil” bribes and lucrative contracts France was gifted from Saddam. That America, not North Korea, Iran, or Iraq when Saddam ruled, is the greatest threat to world peace. Most Muslims and Leftists are sure that George Bush caused 9/11. Either George Bush had the Twin Towers destroyed (the “documentary “Loose Change” – interestingly, this movie and the Muslims say President Bush did it, even though Bin Laden claims responsibility), or his actions left Muslims no choice but to attack on 9/11 (even though all the planning and most of the preparation was done while Bill Clinton was President).

The speech raises questions such as, why do intellectuals and others despise the ideals which have brought freedom and prosperity to so many? Indeed, after you have read this article, in truth you will find that there are more questions than answers.

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