Monday, July 03, 2006

Potpourri For Liberals To Ponder

More WMD has been found in Iraq, and Lieutenant General Michael Maples, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said: “If the chemical agent, sarin, was removed from the munitions and repackaged, it could be lethal. Its release in a U.S. city, in certain circumstances, would be devastating,” Maples said.

I wonder if Democrats will agree that WMD is WMD? It seems that no matter how much of it we find, they still aren’t satisfied that WMD has been found. The reason for the reluctance is quite simple. If they ever admit the truth, they are election-day road kill.

Speaking of Democratic reluctance to face the truth: "It's very difficult to characterize these as the imminent threat weapons that we were told we were looking for," said Rep. Ellen Tauscher, a California Democrat.

Ms. Tauscher, President Bush never said we were looking for “imminent threat” weapons. President Bush said: “Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late. Trusting in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein is not a strategy, and it is not an option.”

In other words, we’re taking him out before he can get to “imminent threat.”


Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters finds that the mobile labs captured early in the war could not have been for hydrogen production, but were most likely mobile WMD facilities as first thought. Another Liberal balloon popped.


Hamas invaded Israel from Gaza and kidnapped an Israeli soldier. When a sovereign nation invades another and kills and kidnaps the citizens of that nation, it is an act of war. Now Hamas wants to use their “spoils of war” to extort Israel to release imprisoned terrorists. Israel says “No, that would only encourage more kidnapping. Instead, we are going to make your lives miserable until you unconditionally return our citizen.”

In light of the fact that Israel won’t be extorted, Big Lizards asks “What should Hamas do?” Take Big Lizards’ quiz and see what recommendations you would make to Hamas.


David Horowitz is campaigning very successfully for an Academic Bill of Rights, as reported by Power Line. In essence it would prevent political or religious issues from being used against students and faculty, and course work should be based on a broad range of information and viewpoints. Further, dissenting viewpoints should be encouraged and tolerated.

Why does the liberal-dominated academic world find these concepts so threatening?

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Who is Lieutenant Tom Cotton, and why is his very existence a dire threat to Liberals?

Lt. Cotton is such a damning spokesman against the New York Times betrayal of the security classified SWIFT Program, that Liberals are left with questioning his existence as the only path to reducing his effectiveness.

I think I’ve inflicted enough Liberal pain for one evening.


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