Friday, July 14, 2006

Riches Seek Me Out

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"Did you and Aisha enjoy your honeymoon, Mohammed?"

Good fortune continues to seek me out. Just over a month ago I found I had won $1,843,210 in a lottery in which I didn’t even participate.

Tonight I found riches seeking me out from Iraq, from a Mrs. Aisha Mohammed. Where had I heard that name before? Oh yes, Mohammed and his child bride, Aisha. As we students of religion recall, the man who brought us Jihad also was quite a hand with the ladies, and liked to start them young. Muhammad was 52 and Aisha was 9 when he married her and sexually consummated their marriage.

The ancient Aisha was screwed then, but the modern Aisha wants to reverse roles.

The following is an unedited copy of the email I received today informing me of my good fortune.

"From:Mrs MOHAMMED. Attn:The Managing Director Before I proceed, may I humbly introduce myself to your goodself, My Name is Mrs. Aisha mohammed, an Iraqi refugee ,my husband was until recently, one of the personal aid to the president of Iraq who was formerly overthrown out of power Prior to this last serious crisis that is still ravaging in my country,which recently led to misfortune of our government and my late husband position as the personal aid to the president, ,We inherited the sum of US$11 million.The funds were originally gotten from my late husband proceeds. My late husband was able to safe guard the fund with a very good diplomatic contact from my Country and deposited it in thailand. .I have decided to contact you because I am interested in investing in your country which is investment friendly. Please kindly guide and assist me in making the right investment since I am also interested in buying a residential property as I will be moving with my only son musa in over there as soon as every thing regarding technical and logictics details is worked out and ascertained to our respective satisfaction. In view of your participation,I am ready to give you a good negotiable percentage for your assistance,or better still commit it into viable Joint venture projects with you.,be assured that you stand no risk of any kind as the funds belong to me and my only survived son musa. As soon as I get your consent, we will quickly move this fund to your country for investment . However, upon your acceptance to work as my partner, you can contact me with my private e-mail for more details. , I strongly believe that associating with you to embark on this and other business ventures will derive a huge success here after, please include you private contact telephone number and private e-mail when replying. Yours Sincerely. Mrs.AISHA MOHAMMED."

My cup runneth over.

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