Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Film Of Protest At 10"

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An open letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, whose motto is: "All the news we see fit to print."

The Chronicle still has no nose for news. Whenever a few demonstrators chant tired leftist slogans - “No Blood for Oil!” “Bush Lied, People Died!” - the Chronicle and main stream media always give more attention to the protest than the event. No matter that the Left always has an army of protesters available for any and all occasions. Whatever the event, the usual anti-capitalist, ANSWER's communist apologists, pro-Palestinians, anti-Israelis, illegal immigrant activists, anti-globalizationists, militant environmentalists, gay-lesbian-transgender-transspecies rightists, anti-any-and-all-wars-including-the-Revolutionary protesters, and anyone else who doesn’t have a regular job, will come out to protest. Translation: to the main stream media, “dog bites man” is news.

When 35,000 supporters of Israel take a day off work to protest outside the UN, the Chronicle and the main steam media take the day off too. Translation: this kind of news doesn’t fit their reporting template.

Any time President Bush or any prominent Republican speaks, the news hounds know the protesters will be there, so that’s where they go for their story. “The President spoke today. Film of the protest at 10 on 2.”

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