Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Democrat Hypocrisy

Democrats were very upset when Republicans criticized factual deficiencies in "The Reagans" three years ago, and threatened to boycott advertisers and CBS. Now Democrat leaders are not only criticizing ABC and Disney about their 9/11 miniseries, they are hinting strongly that their free broadcast license may be in jeopardy because of it. (Details at Captain's Quarters) Most of us probably agree that complaining about anything and everything is a cherished American right. However, I think most of us would also agree that threatening the heavy hand of broadcast license revocation goes far beyond complaining and falls clearly in the despised category of government censorship.

The excesses wrought by political correctness convinced me long ago that liberals happily indulge in censorship. However, they usually hide it better.

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Sandy Berger, Democrat's ethics and honesty guru, and spokesperson for Bill "I just want them to tell the truth" Clinton (Pithy comments and analysis by Hugh Hewitt)

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