Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reporters Are Paid To Ask These Questions

Senator McCain and others object to President Bush seeking to clarify part of the Geneva Convention concerning interrogation of unlawful combatants. Sen. McCain says to change it would expose our forces to mistreatment if taken prisoner. Leaving aside that unlawful combatants are not covered by the Geneva Convention, an inconvenient truth that news accounts overlook, what key question is never asked McCain by any main stream news reporter?

“Senator McCain, can you (or anyone reading or hearing this question) name one enemy of the United States since the onset of World War II who properly treated American prisoners under the Geneva Convention?”

The Germans? Hitler ordered captured pilots killed. The Japanese? The Bataan Death March. The North Koreans and Chinese? Brainwashing. Senator McCain himself could write a book and include chapters on North Vietnamese treatment of prisoners.

Concerning the object of our concern, the Muslim terrorists, you can find your answer in Al Jazeera archives, or on their evening news broadcast. It’s not for the squeamish, and don’t watch before dinner.

Why does President Bush think Common Article III of the Geneva Convention needs clarification? Because the Supreme Court erroneously ruled in Hamdan that the Geneva Convention applies to captured terrorists, although nothing in the Geneva Convention itself says that. President Bush simply proposes to conform our treaty obligations precisely to the McCain sponsored Detainee Treatment Act of 2005.

Wasn’t what McCain and Liberals praised then good enough now?

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