Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Women's Liberation, Muslim Style

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With certain pictures, like this one I copied from Atlas Shrugs, no words are necessary.

However, for Liberals and other moral equivalence types, it would be presumptuous of me to assume they get the point of this picture. After all, the women in their veils proclaiming they are the liberated ones certainly don’t realize they are lampooning themselves. In their ignorance, and under the oppression of daily life as Muslim women, they probably sincerely believe that Westernized women are the oppressed of the world.

To them it makes sense. Westernized women are oppressed because they are forced to look sexy, dress sexy, compete with men for jobs, and go alone into the dangerous world every day. The concept that escapes these Muslim women is that other women think of these issues as matters of “choice,” or personal freedom. Westernized women don’t have to look or dress sexily if they don’t want. Many examples of such women come to mind, women such as Barbara Mikulski or Roseanne Barr.

Muslim women feel that education for females is wasted, because all a female has to do to please Allah and her husband is stay home and produce and raise little jihadists, the more the better.

And after the clitorectomy, what use is it to the Muslim wife to look sexy? The good Muslim husband will be attentive anyway, regardless of her pleasure or lack thereof.

It is a fundamental mystery to me that Liberals, so easily upset about issues of women’s choices – female sports reporters having access to male locker rooms, women in combat – and of equal rights for women, could be so blind to the treatment of Muslim women. Do you Liberals think the Muslim women choose to be illiterate and uneducated, to be confined like prisoners and to have limited contact with the world around them, and to be beaten at the whims of their husbands and to be murdered to redeem family honor?

Do you really think we shouldn’t criticize Muslims for their treatment of women?

Do you really think we should accept that they have chosen to live their lives as miserable slaves to their families and husbands?

Do you really see moral equivalence in the way Muslim women live compared to Westernized women?

The women in the veils – don’t you think they are brainwashed? And scared?

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