Friday, October 13, 2006

John Kerry - Liar, or Ignoramus?

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John Kerry, at a New Hampshire Democrat fund raiser, according to the Associated Press, criticized the Bush administration for blaming the North Korean nuclear test on former President Clinton.

"That is a lie. North Korea's nuclear program was frozen under Bill Clinton. When George W. Bush turned his back on diplomacy, Kim Jong Il turned back to making bombs, and the world is less safe because a madman has the Bush bomb," he said.

If Kerry paid attention to testimony to the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, January 1995, by Gary Milhollin, Professor, University of Wisconsin Law School andDirector, Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, he would know what he said isn't true.

According to Professor Milhollin's Senate testimony, in 1995 the North Koreans were already cheating by extracting weapons grade plutonium from spent fuel rods because the U. S. State Department cut a special deal exempting Pyongyang from inspections for at least five years.

If he made his remarks at the Democrat fund raiser and didn't know he was wrong, on an issue that can easily be researched on Google, then he is either dumb or ignorant.

His audience ate it up, so they were probably both.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He has been a senator for a long time, so I doubt he's ignorant of information presented to the Senate.

He is a college graduate, so I doubt he's dumb, even if he acts that way.

So again I must conclude that Kerry's a liar.

A Pre-Googleian™ liar.

A Pre-Googleian™ liar is one who doesn't realize how easy it is in the post-Google age to verify the truth or falsity of a statement.

John Kerry's hot words have barely cooled in the crisp autumn air of New Hampshire before an average citizen such as me is sitting at my keyboard posting a link to the source that proves his lie.

I guess Kerry can thank Al Gore for giving us this incredible capability to stay on top of the flights of fancy he spouts to his unreality based Democrat supporters.

That reminds me. Al, next time you present a Global Warming history, don't conveniently leave out the Medieval Warm Period just because it doesn't serve your purpose. The Medieval Warm Period may be an inconvenient truth in your Global Warming road show, but you just can’t ignore a period less than 1,000 years ago when it was warmer than today without the benefit of greenhouse gases.

You and Kerry are both so Pre-Googleian™.

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