Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Democrat Fear And Anger

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"Throats get cut, blood runs, just like we did for Rwanda!"

President Bush’s decision has set off a wave of fear and anger amongst Democrats. “This decision by the President,” Nancy Pelosi said, “opens up a frightening new prospect, one that is so awful that I find it hard to describe what might happen. After all we Democrats have done, all our hard work, our fiery speeches, our constant repetition of every real and imagined problem of Iraq, how could President Bush do this?

“Doesn’t he know how terrible this is for all of us?

“It just might work!

“Oh, woe is us, what will we do then?”

(As my loyal readers – both of you – know, I make up quotes which convey truth much more accurately than anything that Democrat politicians ever say. I was taught this technique by Dan Rather, who said that the Texas Air National papers expressed the underlying truth about President Bush. In fact, knowing Dan, I’ll bet he said “they spoke truth to power.” The problem with Dan was that he couldn’t bring himself to admit they were forgeries, while I proudly trumpet that mine are.)

The long, relentless Democrat campaign to achieve defeat in Iraq may be coming off the tracks. Now that she is Squealer of the House, Nancy Pelosi can no longer stand by the Democrat's assertion that Democrats have a plan for Iraq, and will let us know what it is when they have a chance to do something about it.

Well Nancy, it’s time to put up or shut up.

What’s the Democrat’s plan?

If it’s still cut and run, and defeat in Iraq, please tell us now so we can get on about winning.

Even Democrats know that you can’t lose a war when you only suffer 3,000 killed in over three years of fighting, unless you just give up.

Plus, most of the suffering in America is confined to the Democrat’s credibility as they whine about how horrible the economy is as sales, profits, incomes, and productivity soar, and unemployment continues to fall to new lows.

Even Democrats know that they can’t plead that they want American troops out of Iraq to relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people, because anyone with a brain (maybe I spoke too soon about Democrat’s knowledge) knows the suffering of the Iraqi people after we left would be horrendous, far worse than the genocide in Rwanda when President Clinton studiously ignored it.

In Rwanda, the Hutus only had knives and axes, so it took them a couple of months while Clinton dithered to slaughter almost a million Tutsis. In Iraq, the Shi’ites are much better armed, thanks to Iran, and the Sunnis have stockpiles that Saddam hid away.

Democrats are a nutty bunch (read anything by Dennis Kucinich or Barbara Lee), but even they are not crazy enough to want to be held responsible for unleashing the worst bloodbath of the new millennium.

The Democrats are facing a perfect storm right now. The economy continues to improve, and President Bush is taking effective action to win in Iraq.

Nancy Pelosi can proudly blow the whistle on the Democrat Titanic to get her people into the lifeboats!

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