Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Libby Trial – How Can You Have “Plamegate” Without Plame?

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At first, President Bush was supposed to be in deep trouble. Then the focus went to Vice President Cheney. Mr. Fitzgerald knew all along that Cheney was not involved, yet for months he allowed that to be the focus of Plamegate.

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When that didn't work, Rove became the target. Fitzgerald knew Rove wasn't involved either.

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The dreams of the Left die hard. Fitzgerald could have ended the speculation and the costs of an investigation he knew was a complete waste. Why didn't he?

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The New York Times finally threw in the towel. All this because Libby can't remember everything that no one else remembers either? Thats sounds like Libby was a Times reporter.

I read the first breathless reports of “Scooter” Libby’s trial, and the only noteworthy news was what wasn’t reported.

It wasn’t reported that Richard Armitage was the one who disclosed Valerie Plame’s CIA identity to Robert Novak. And that the Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, knew that from the outset.

The Associated Press (AP) report said: "Plame's identity and her role in Wilson's trip were leaked to columnist Robert Novak in July 2003 shortly after Wilson publicly criticized Bush for portraying Iraq as trying to purchase uranium in Niger _ months after Wilson told the government the story was untrue."

Of course the AP did not report that the Senate Committee investigating Plamegate found that Wilson in fact reported just the opposite; that Iraq did indeed approach Niger about buying uranium. (Please go to this link to "Plameout" by Christopher Hitchens. Please. Pretty please. I'll be ever so grateful you did)

It didn’t disclose that Libby is not charged with anything about compromising Plame’s CIA position. How could he when Armitage beat him to it?

What is Armitage charged with? Wasn't the charge that top White House officials committed treason by outing a "covert" CIA agent.

The reporting never disclosed that a covert CIA agent was outed.

The reporting never disclosed that Valerie Plame was not acting as a covert CIA agent when her identity was disclosed either.

It was mentioned in passing that Plame was the one, not Vice President Cheney, who suggested and organized her husband Joe Wilson’s Niger “fact-finding” trip. The only ones who haven't conceded these facts are Plame and Wilson.

The irony was not noted that the Prosecution witnesses forgot details and changed their stories much more than Libby, and Libby is now being prosecuted for something that doesn't involve the individual he supposedly damaged.

Not bad, after only two days, how much the Main Stream Media has not reported. At this rate, they may set a new record for not reporting news.

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