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Please Try To Impeach President Bush

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Courtesy John Montgomery/Beach Impact Project
1,200 Leftists demonstrate their education was not a total waste - at least one of them could spell IMPEACH!

The Nancy Pelosi Chronicle (formerly known as the San Francisco Chronicle), whose motto was and is “All Nancy Pelosi, All the Time,” featured this picture made up of 1,200 San Francisco Leftists (please excuse the redundancy) lying (a natural state of Liberals) or laying (another natural state of Liberals) on the sand at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

It is heartening that someone finally found a use for them, although they reverted to their natural useless state as soon as their photo was taken.

The Liberals and I finally have found common cause. They want the Democrats in Congress to impeach President Bush, and I want them to try to impeach President Bush. I can’t think of anything the Liberals could do that would motivate the American people more to put Republicans back in charge than having the radical Left seize total control of the Democrats and bring impeachment charges against President Bush.

One charge, of course, would be that President Bush, like President Clinton before him, and Tony Blair, Chirac, the United Nations, and many other nations, believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. I guess the question they would ask is, “Why would you, President Bush, agree with all these other nations and the UN and with UN approval try to enforce UN resolutions against Iraq’s suspected WMD?”

After months of testimony from world leaders and heads of their intelligence services, President Bush would finally be able to answer the question by saying, “I believed it because Saddam had demonstrated he had WMD and had already used it against Iran and his own people, and the UN had passed resolutions against Saddam based on accepted intelligence.

“I would like to now read you statements made by President Clinton, Senators Kerry, Clinton, Kennedy, Reid, and a whole bunch more that Saddam had WMD (Click here for their words, courtesy of Truth or

“Each of them was briefed on the same intelligence information as I.

“You say that won’t be necessary?

“Then what’s the next question?”

The Liberals, being a very inventive and impassioned group, would surely have a litany of questions, each more ridiculous than the previous, that would quickly bring every Democrat but the most committed Leftists into a state of embarrassment wishing they had never started.

At that point, the Blue Dog Democrats, their only sensible group, will be reminding their Leftist colleagues that an election is coming soon, and that Democrats had done a great job of not accomplishing anything except looking ever more ridiculous while wasting a year on a failed impeachment exercise.

Democrats with presidential aspirations will realize that their Party had become an instrument of their far Left special interest groups, and that the only way back to the middle ground would be to disavow impeachment and take up a moderate Republican agenda.

All I want for Christmas 2007 is the Democrats to try to impeach President Bush.

If they will only do that, I know I’ll get what I want for Christmas 2008.

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