Saturday, March 24, 2007

Global Warming - Religion of the Elites

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And did you purchase an Apocalyptic Al indulgence?

Taking his cue from the Muslims, who actually seem to believe their mythology is sound scientifically, Al Gore has made Global Warming into a religion with all the trappings of a self-appointed priesthood.

Ayatollah Al and his Acolytes practice an ancient religion demanding both obeisance to its dogma and human sacrifice. Its priesthood live lives of opulent luxury in stately pleasure domes, employing private jets and limousines to traverse the world in Pharaoh-class style, purchasing carbon-offset “indulgences” to maintain their fa├žade of “carbon neutrality.”

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Gore's carbon footprint

Knowing that increased power production and energy consumption are the essential elements of economic progress, these self-anointed Saviors decree that the masses be kept in misery and poverty and be denied the means of attaining a comfortable life and a secure future for themselves and their families.

While liberals self-righteously congratulate themselves for replacing an incandescent bulb with a low-energy one, buying a hybrid car to accessorize their Hummer, and turning up the air conditioner thermostat a degree, on just about any street in Africa a man wishes his family had electricity for more than four hours a day, that they could afford a tire for their decrepit bicycle, and could find relief from the oppressive heat and malaria-bearing mosquitoes.

“You don’t want economic progress,” say the High Priests of Hypocrisy. “If you consume energy like we do to maintain our indulgent lifestyles, the world climate might get warmer.”

That’s right, it might warm up to resemble the Medieval Warm Period of AD 800 to 1400, when mankind made great progress both culturally and economically.

We can’t have a repeat of that.

If we did the people might forget how much they need Apocalyptic Al to lead them in sacrificial rites to placate the doomsayers and make him feel relevant again.

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The four horsemen of Apocalyptic Global Warming - Poverty, Insecurity, Hunger, and Disease.

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