Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wake Up the ACLU and Congress!

Iran took an act of war against our NATO ally, Britain, and the sovereign state of Iraq. That’s what an armed invasion of a nation’s territory is, and that is what the capture of British military personnel performing their lawful duties in Iraqi waters is.

That’s what the meaning of “is” is.

This is an act of war.

Where are all the anti-war protesters?

The same place they were when the Palestinians invaded Israel from Gaza and captured an Israeli soldier, and the same place they were when Hamas invaded Israel from Lebanon and killed and captured Israeli soldiers.

The anti-war protesters are sitting on their hypocritical asses ignoring that Iran has taken unprovoked, belligerent, and unjustifiable actions against the persons and territory of sovereign states. Apparently, the United States is the only nation whose actions the anti-war crowds protest.

Even when those actions are taken under United Nations resolutions, and even when in compliance with the Geneva Conventions.

The ACLU and anti-war protesters are total hypocrites about violations of the Geneva Conventions. Their concern about the treatment of unlawful combatants not covered by the Geneva Convention is balanced by their lack of concern about the treatment of British sailors actually entitled to all the protections of the Geneva Conventions.

Of course, since a state of war does not exist – yet – between Iran and Britain, the Geneva Conventions may not apply. What Iran did was totally illegal, even in the kangaroo court of international law, and was more an act of piracy than warfare. Since the act was sanctioned and conducted by the Iranian government, that government is now an outlaw by the standards of international law.

Although no one should hold their breath waiting for international justice, the following is just a brief description of obvious violations so far.

The first violation is invasion of the territory of a sovereign nation. Satellite and GPS data, and the statements of the Indian and other uninvolved nationals on the scene, prove that the incident occurred 1.7 miles inside Iraqi territorial waters.

The next is kidnapping of British nationals and theft of British property seized in Iraqi territorial waters.

The third is extortion of “confessions” and false statements from the lone female captured, the most vulnerable member of the kidnapped group. Apparently statements from other British personnel have also been coerced, and will be produced as the Iranian bandits feel the need.

The fourth is making a public display of the captured British.

The fifth, and a particularly egregious violation of the Geneva Conventions, is threatening to try the British as spies. In the murky world of international law, nothing could be clearer than the standard that no military member captured while wearing his or her uniform may be tried as a spy. Instead, all military captured in uniform in the service of their country must be afforded all the protections of the Geneva Conventions.

Even Russia, so cautious of offending the mullahs that they sell so much military hardware, must admit, regardless of the laughable “plausible deniability” of the Iranians that the British were captured in Iranian waters, that the Iranians have not given their captives the treatment and protections absolutely required of the Geneva Conventions.

Even allowing the charade that the British were captured in Iranian territorial waters, the treatment of the British military members required under the Geneva Conventions is not altered an iota.

Again, the protections required under the Geneva Conventions in these circumstances are not vague and subject to interpretation – or misinterpretation. The captured British are members of their country’s armed services, and when captured were in uniform under orders to discharge British responsibilities in accordance with United Nations resolutions.

Where are the demonstrators? Where is the ACLU?

Why can they get it all wrong on unlawful combatants, and then ignore real violations of UN resolutions and the Geneva Conventions?

How do these hypocrites sleep at night?

And why does anyone listen to them?

On Captain's Quarters, Cap'n Ed lays out the situation masterfully, but all his commenters are deep into tactics to prevent something from occurring that already has, or to take actions to try to make the mullahs of Iran give up the British personnel. Conspicuously missing is any call for or reliance on the United Nations, the world organization formed and chartered to take effective actions when these sorts of things happen.

I think the only country in the world that wants the UN to step in is Iran, because then they know they can continue their outrages without fear of military reprisal.

Where are the Democrats, where are the peace protesters, demanding that the one governmental agency in the world they most support and admire do the job for which it was established? If the United Nations cannot be expected to control the outlaw actions of a member nation, why is there a United Nations? So far, all the UN seems to do is give cover for Muslim violations of international law and the Geneva Conventions.

That's right, the United Nations primarily aids and abets international criminal acts rather than preventing or punishing them.

And then asks us for more money and support.

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