Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin Wins Debate Easily

Sarah Palin clearly won last night. Even the mainstream media (MSM) would have to agree, since they in all fairness will have to apply the same yardstick to Sarah as they did to Obama in the first debate: “The winner is the one who exceeds expectations.”

The MSM set low expectations, and exulted when Obama wasn’t wiped out by McCain. They declared Obama the winner because he didn’t lose as badly as they expected. Using their criteria, Sarah was the winner.

However, I’m not a Democrat, so I don’t give wins to a loser that beats the point spread. Based on what I saw, and what I read today – heavily laden with odd remarks by Democrats, such as her blinking, flirting, smiling, making folksy remarks, looking like a doll, etc. – Governor Palin won on her own merits.

She received support from an unusual source. Hillary Clinton said she was a “composed and effective debater.”

For further proof of her effectiveness, there is the carping about what some Democrats perceived, and what they thought of what they think they saw. For example, Chris Matthews said: "You know what I think of people when they come on 'Hardball' and they look at the camera? I think they're dolts."

That tells me a lot about Matthews, and nothing about Sarah Palin. He makes snap judgments on extraneous criteria instead of listening and attempting to understand what is being said. His mind is on what he is going to say next, regardless of what is being said. No wonder he gets so much wrong. Cris Matthews is a dolt whether or not he is looking at the camera.

What was Chris watching while Joe Biden spent so much time looking at the camera, even while Sarah Palin was speaking?

The facts of this debate are clear and simple. If Joe Biden had stayed away, no one would have noticed. It was the Sarah Palin show all the way. The biggest vice-presidential debate audience ever, and perhaps the biggest debate audience of all time, didn’t tune in to listen to more Joe Biden lies (about his late first wife’s death, his education, about the duties of the Vice-President, Obama meeting with Ahmadinejad, supporting clean coal, impersonating and plagiarizing a Welsh politician, even about going to a local restaurant and Home Deport, and his opinion of John McCain, who only four years ago was Biden’s top choice to be John Kerry’s VP).

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