Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unglued Idiot of the Day Award: Lewis Diuguid and "Socialist is a Code Word for Blacks"

Recently Drudge linked to a short editorial in the Kansas City Star: Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black, By Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist, submitted October 21, 2008. [click here to go to the article]

For some reason - stupidity, ignorance, bizarre belief system, or something equally odd - Lewis Diuguid (I bet his last name is pronounced "Do good") wrote that when McCain and Palin say Obama is a Socialist, they are really saying that he's Black.

I read his article and added the following comment:

When I was young there was an all-white group we called socialists, and they went even further and called themselves National Socialists. Now there are over a billion Chinese who aren't offended when you call them socialists (or state capitalists), about a quarter of a billion of mostly white folk who were formerly in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and another billion Indians who also are slowly emerging from their long, dark night of socialism. But now we have an idiot, Lewis Diuguid, who gazes at his navel and finds an inane piece of lint to wave as a sign of Republican racism and shame. Mr. Diuguid, anyone who votes for or against someone because of skin color is racist, and by that standard, over 95% of American Blacks are well into that category.
Then I included a link to one of my recent posts about Black racism as evidenced by their almost total support of Obama. [this is the link I included]

Soon my hit counter indicated that I was getting more visitors in an hour than I usually get in a day. Linking to an article that Drudge links to is a good way to increase blog traffic.

This inspired me to add more comments, and with each comment to add a link to another one of my posts. The hits kept pouring in, and I had the satisfaction of knowing that about eight of my most recent posts about Obama and the Democrats being at fault for the financial crisis were getting good readership.

Then I got greedy, and started commenting and including links to older posts where I condemned socialism generally, and socialized medicine in particular. The hits kept coming.

This afternoon, two days after it began, Drudge dropped the link to the article from his featured items, and the hits quickly diminished.

But now that I have the taste for higher readership, I'm watching Drudge much more closely, looking for his next link to an outrageous main stream media article that I can piggy back on.

It's fun to be read.

At Plank's Constant there is agreement that Lewis Diuguid is an idiot, and his post includes a photo of Mr. Diuguid. The calm demeanor reflected in the photo gives no hint to the stupidity Mr. Diuguid exhibits in his writings. Once again the old adage proven, "you can't tell a book by looking at the cover."

Please click on the link above and sneak a peek. You know you want to.

(To go to the posts I linked to in my comments, click on the "Lewis Diuguid" Articles label below)

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