Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Suppose They Had a Debate and No One Showed Up?

Actually, they just did.

I was fortunate last night and had to prepare for and attend a Gualala Lions Club Board meeting that started an hour after the debate began. As I collated a handout and wolfed down dinner watching the debate, I felt I was due for some really interesting and exciting exchanges. Tom Brokaw brought up two of my all-time favorite interests, the unfunded Social Security/Medicare entitlements for Baby Boomers totaling over $41 trillion, and the world energy crisis.

I chortled as I thought of how Obama would squirm trying to explain how the Democrats would save Social Security and already bankrupt Medicare/Medicaid by continuing to do nothing and pretending that there is no problem. Obama didn’t disappoint me. He completely ducked the issue. I couldn’t wait to read and hear the next day in the main stream media (MSM) how Obama did what the MSM roundly condemned Sarah Palin for, not answering the question.

A question, by the way, that has far greater significance and long-term impact than the current financial crisis by a multiple of forty or more.

The MSM punted too. Obama would not or could not answer the question of this century, and the MSM applauded his performance.

The next question went to Senator McCain about a solution to the energy crisis. “Nuclear power,” John McCain said in what today sets the standard for a straight-talking, straight-forward answer.

Of course the answer is nuclear power! It is abundant, cost effective, reliable, scalable, proven, clean, can be located where needed, only requires a fraction of one percent of the land or sea area of wind, solar, or biofuels, and is much less damaging to the environment. Naturally the Greenies hate it.

So does Obama, except last night he said nuclear was OK, sort of. When Obama’s answer on supporting nuclear energy is parsed out, à la a Bill Clinton answer, you’ll find his position the same as Joe Biden’s on clean burning coal: he was against it before he was for it, but hasn’t changed his mind.

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