Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still Waiting for Liberals to Leave

Last night at our Gualala Lions Club dinner meeting, a fellow Lion came over to me and smirked, “It looks like your party is going to lose.” I smirked back, “It’s a good thing. Everyone has forgotten what messes Democrats make, so it’ll be good to have a four-year reminder.”

Of course, not for even one moment did I believe that having the Democrats back in power was good for anything in any way. In the immortal words of the dwindling numbers of young Americans, “It sucks!”

However, if another Dark Night of Democrat Rule descends once again upon this proud nation, I will continue to do what I did during previous Dark Nights: love my country, work hard, and try to get sensible government back in office.

I won't act like a Liberal and promise to leave the United States if my party doesn't win [link here].

I can’t blame Democrats for Republican failures. Republicans had Golden Opportunities going back to the Reagan Years to do the “government thing” right, and let them slip right through their fingers. President Reagan showed how direct appeals to the American public could overcome arrogant and ingrained Democrat leadership of Congress. President Clinton then demonstrated how his first two years dedicated to the socialized medicine philosophies of “Hillarycare” could deliver Congress to Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich rallying Americans around the Contract with America.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress became what Democrats had been: arrogant and imperious. The American people had elected Republicans to “throw the bums out,” not to be replacement bums. Instead of bringing new ideas, Republicans contented themselves with just tinkering with the old ideas.

When Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, the most important thing to fix was Social Security.

It wasn’t fixed.

Today it’s still the most important government program that needs fixing, but while Democrats run the government, that’s not going to happen.

And as time goes by, it will just get worse.

Maybe in four years we’ll get another chance to do the thing right.

I'll still be here.

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