Friday, January 30, 2009

Democrats Like Spending, Not Paying, Taxes

Democrat eagerness to spend taxpayers' money is only exceeded by their reluctance to pay taxes themselves. Former Senator Tom Daschle is the latest of Obama's nominees to get caught doing major tax avoidance, in this case $128,000 over a three-year period.

You have to give Daschle credit for chutzpah. The man who was in on writing our tax laws for decades made "honest mistakes" in determining what should be included in taxable income.

Apparently the only way to get high-ranking Democrats to pay their back taxes is to nominate them for a high position in the Obama administration, and then do a thorough vetting of their background. That leads me to suggest that Obama create more positions, nominate Democrat high-rollers to fill them, then use the tax revenues generated during the review process to help reduce the deficit.

However, the nominee should then be blocked from taking the position, and another nominee selected. The whole process is wasted if you approve the tax cheats for the jobs anyway, because then they'll just soak up and spend more of the taxpayers' money than they paid back.

The compensation Daschle and other former Democrat legislators are paid are clearly legal bribes for access to Democrat power brokers. Yet Daschle and others resent giving a little back after being enriched so much.

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