Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama’s “I Won” More Arrogant than “Mission Accomplished”

Democrats have been ridiculing President Bush for the “Mission Accomplished” sign displayed after the rapid fall of Saddam and his army. Far from being arrogant, the “Mission Accomplished” sign reflected that our military did their job outstandingly. In a very brief period, with amazingly low loss of lives, the formidable Iraq military was defeated.

Our American armed forces accomplished their mission fantastically. They had every right and reason to display their congratulations for the most successful military campaign in history. What followed was the irrationality that accompanies Islam worldwide: one Muslim hates another more than any other, and this has persisted for over a thousand years.

In the unerring certitude of hindsight, we are now aware that Shi’ite and Sunni cannot put aside their murderous animosities, even when released from brutal tyranny and given every opportunity to travel a peaceful and democratic road.

On the other hand, what has Obama “won” except the opportunity to attempt to govern wisely? To date nothing has been accomplished, and Obama and the Democrats’ attempts at solutions to the world’s problems are vague and unformed. When last I was updated, the plan was to have the government spend us into prosperity. If I had known it was that simple, I would want the government to do it all the time, just like California.

I wonder why it works for the federal government and not the states? It must be something about the states having to balance their budgets, and the federal government doesn’t.

What are the objectives of the stimulus package, and how will we know if they have been accomplished?

When that moment comes, Obama can hang his “I Won” sign, but now is too soon.

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