Monday, January 26, 2009

More Global Warming Fear Mongering

Predictably, the global warming fear mongers are trying to regain momentum now that the Obama administration has set up its global warming shop. However, the press release struck me as odd, particularly when I read this:

Carbon dioxide accounts for about half of the global warming caused by greenhouse gases, but the other gases are removed from the atmosphere more quickly. Thus, the long-term influence of carbon dioxide will have the greatest effect on climate change, the report said.

Who writes this stuff? Water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas, responsible for about 95% of the greenhouse gas effect. Human activity causes about 0.28% of the total greenhouse effect.

It would be truthful if the writer wrote: "Carbon dioxide accounts for about half of the greenhouse effect if you ignore the 95% due to water vapor."

Perhaps the scientists were only referring to the greenhouse gas effect after ignoring water vapor, the 5%. At that point greenhouse gases caused by human activity are responsible for about 5.53%, since over 94% of greenhouse gases are produced naturally even when water vapor is ignored.

It's easy to understand why water vapor is ignored by global warming alarmists. It's hard to panic rational humans when they are told that the whole problem depends on getting all panicked over the 0.28% of greenhouse gases caused by human activity.

Only a charlatan, or a Democrat politician, would try to get away with such balderdash.

Please excuse the redundancy in the sentence above.

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