Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dental Implants in Hungary - Not a good idea

Unfortunately, my implant holiday in Hungary did not work from a dental point of view. The upper left implant fell out a month after our return, and when I contacted The Implant Center, they mailed me a screw to be inserted while they repaired the implant and mailed it back to me. The screw was too big. By the time they mailed me the correct size, the hole in my gum had grown closed.

Then my dentist gave me more bad news. "The two upper right implants are mobile. They've failed, and it's just a matter of time before you lose them too."

I gingerly checked them, and they moved a lot side to side. So did the bottom right impant. "They should be very firm, not mobile like that," my dentist said.

The bottom line is that concerning my teeth, I'm worse off now than before I got the implants. It won't be long before all I have are the anchors embedded in my jaws, with no implants in them. Also, the anchors are not compatible with any fixes or repairs I could get in the United States, and there is no reason to believe I could get the dentists in Hungary to make them work any better than they do now. Now with each bite I expect an implant to pop out.

Sometimes saving money can get mighty expensive.


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I guess that incident is a bad point of dental tourism. If dental implant detached or fall out, you need to see your dentist at first to check it and to aid it sooner. And the other thing is, if you let the hole opened for quite some time, bacteria will penetrate it and you might have serious diseases as well.

Dental tourism may cost cheaper, but the hassle will only cost you bigger bucks. I am so grateful that Laurel dentists always inform me of the hazards of dental cases, like yours. Laurel MD dentists are armed with skills and knowledge to give the best service to their patients.

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