Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Fool Such As I


When I read Margot's letter and poem, I thought it prophetic, since on January 11 I had posted "If I received a love poem" on my blog, "Strong as an ox and nearly as smart."

(Margot's letter and poem)

Hey folks -- it's no use reacting to Michael Combs' diatribes to The Editor. It's like picking up litter on the beach; it comes back mindless and unconscious of thoughtful intent.

So let him litter
Don't be bitter
Let sanity rule
And don't play with this fool!

Margot's poem stirred my long slumbering poetic muse, and I penned:

"Ignore the fool," said Margot,
These are words that I hold dear.
The louder that she says them,
The more me that they hear.

Another I thought of was:

"It takes one to know one"
Was our Point Arena schoolground rule.
Then what could be more foolish,
Than to call someone a fool.

Alice said don't send it, because it places both Margot and I in the category of "fool." I particularly wanted to send it, because it emphasizes my Point Arena roots (since 1949). But after reading the spirited response Alice sent, my status outside of that category is assured. Margot's may need some work.

(Note to readers: Alice says it should be "Margot and me," not "Margot and I." She's probably right. "Margot and I" just sounds right to me, but it probably is wrong. What do you think, dear readers?)

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