Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm Right Because Of My Sources - They Can Be Yours Too

I have lifted this short quote in its entirety from Power Line. When you read this, click on the link. You will find Power Line has outstanding in-depth analysis on many of the major issues, and should be visited every day.

Rep. Jane Harman, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Dec. 21: As the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, I havebeen briefed since 2003 on a highly classified NSA foreign collection program that targeted Al Qaeda. I believe the program is essential to US national security and that its disclosure has damaged critical intelligence capabilities.
I love it when I'm right, as I was here two weeks ago.

For the best and most passionate coverage of Israel and the Middle East, including the insane leadership of Iran and the dithering appeasement of European leaders doing their best to channel Neville Chamberlain, by all means go to Atlas Shrugs. Pamela is easy on the eyes as she whacks you on the head to get your attention, then pummels you with hard-hitting news and analyses of the hypocritical moral equivocating that equates Jews fighting terrorists with the terrorists blowing up civilians, even women and children. She is madder than Hell, she won't take any more, and you better check in on Atlas Shrugs everyday to find out the really important things that your TV and newspaper will not tell you. Trust me, you will get all you can handle from Pamela.

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