Friday, January 13, 2006

A Vacation So Soon?

I just got started working hard on Strong, etc. , and now I'm taking a vacation. A week in SF should be enough time for me to straighten the place out. Then on to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands. Return on February 13th, with lots of notes suggesting that Darwin was right. And pictures. Lots of pictures. With our new chips in our cameras, we can take 1,000 to 8,000 without downloading. I don't think I have taken that many pictures in a long lifetime.

So while I'm gone, drop on in and set a spell. Look around. You will find many strange and eccentric things. Please don't tell Alice about the Great Expectations post. Or A Burning Desire. Some things should be hidden from wives. Please tell your Black and Native American friends about Cargos, Reparations, and Casinos, The Deadly Bigotry Of Low Expectations, and My Ancestors Owned Slaves. Some things should not be hidden from friends. Don't tell any of my old service buddies about the Pineapple Express post. I hope to live a long and peaceful life.

For Pop and me, please go to If I Received A Love Letter, just to make me feel good.

There are other posts I'd like you to look at too -- looking at all of them would be OK with me -- but I sure would like it if you read the ones I linked above. Each in their own way is a love letter, a celebration and a love of life.


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