Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fun With An Unhinged Liberal

An unhinged liberal (very typical) commented on a Wal-Mart plan to create an in-house banking affiliate so it can lower costs on credit card transactions at its stores. The following is his comment and a link to it:

"(Have an unnatural intimate association with) Wal- Mart. Really, (He then repeats himself)! They contribute to the failed states that foster terrorism by exploiting child labor (internationally illegal, morons), and taking advantage of third world working conditions. They bully their workers and run the mom and pop small businesses (remember, Bush said small businesses are the backbone of the economy) out of town, and weaken the very economy of that town by not paying their fair share of taxes. Wow, that's real American! Why do you CON-servatives hate America by endlessly defending the rights of the shamelessly rich of the middle class?"

I naturally responded:

There you go again. Whenever you liberals protect the "little guy," the little guy gets screwed.

You are one of the ignorant who does not realize that corporations do not, repeat, do not pay taxes. They merely act as a tax collection agency - their customers pay the corporations' property taxes, the income taxes, payroll taxes, just as they pay the sales taxes on what they buy. The taxes that corporations supposedly pay are included in the corporations' operating costs, and are passed on to the consumer.

We in the middle class who are shamelessly rich (where did you come up with that line? I know, you snatched it from the same place you got the rest of yourscreed), owe a lot to the economic freedom that you liberals so want to kill through high taxes and crushing regulation. The power to tax, and the power to regulate, is the power to destroy, and can do great harm in ignorant hands, like in the hands of liberal ideologues. Thank G-d the only place you win meaningful elections is on TV fantasy shows like West Wing and Commander in Chief.

(In conclusion), the act you suggest performing on Wal-Mart is one I associate with a loving relationship. Maybe you really are on the side of freedom after all.

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