Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who is the Fool?

(I love to mix it up, in letters to editors, anyway. But it is a great feeling when someone covers your back, and stands up for you when the invectives start flying hot and heavy. It's nice not to have to try to tell a bunch of liberals, "I am not a fool." Since Slick Willy stood up and declaimed that "I didn't have sex with that woman," people are a lot more sceptical about that sort of thing.

Of course, Alice hasn't seen the Great Expectations post yet - things could change, fast!

UPDATE: She's seen it! And I'm still alive - so far so good! Now to write the follow-up story while she's softened up.)


I, Michael Combs’ wife, am responding to Margot Bullock’s unsubstantiated, emotional, nonintellectual, hateful name calling letter referring to Michael’s words as “unconscious of thoughtful intent:”

Ms. Bullock, Michael is a powerhouse of knowledge. Not only is he amazingly versed on U.S. and world history, but he is always investigating the current politics by regularly reading Time, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek and several other periodicals. He keeps up with the internet news, including The Drudge Report.

You are probably painfully aware that Michael has documentation to back up every assertion he makes in the ICO. You are so upset that Michael’s assertions clash with your agenda, that since you cannot refute him with logic, you lash out like a naughty child, calling him a “fool.”

More about Michael: He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with a double major in accounting and Russian, earned a Masters from Michigan State University and later passed his Certified Public Accounting test on the first try. He is also a qualified Mensan.

Michael is also a great community member: For over the last five years he has been in charge of the Lions’ quarterly group effort of cleaning over three miles along your Highway 1. For two years he was in charge of the Lions’ biannual community fund raising breakfasts. For the past seven years he has assisted me with tutoring several children. Last December he completed four years of serving on the local school board, and he was very instrumental in many of its achievements.

What, Ms. Bullock, do you think makes you so qualified to pass your acerbic judgment on Michael Combs? I suggest, Ms. Bullock, you look in the mirror and then tell me, “Who is the fool?”

Alice Combs

This is the letter Alice was responding to:

Hey folks -- it's no use reacting to Michael Combs' diatribes to The Editor. It's like picking up litter on the beach; it comes back mindless and unconscious of thoughtful intent.

So let him litter
Don't be bitter
Let sanity rule
And don't play with this fool!

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