Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It

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In a previous post I modestly answered the burning question of whether mankind has free will or if all is divinely preordained by asking the simple question, “How would a perfect God decide the issue?” The answer was simple.

We simply have free will.

Simple inquiry can solve all sorts of burning questions.

If God is perfect, can the Devil exist? Of course not! Remember, if God exists, God is perfect, and God has existed for all time, and created all things. Why would such an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful God create a Devil to vex mankind? Since God would know the works of such a Devil, his creation, why create it? To see if what God knows will happen, will happen? Where’s the logic to that?

God, if Devils you must have, just give man free will, and he will find Devils enough.

Since man made God in his image, it has always been a temptation of men to give him human frailties. However, as each new religion trumped the ones that came before, God evolved to perfection. Gone now are the lusting, scheming, envious, and duplicitous gods of the Greeks and Romans. They were a lot of fun, but were fatally flawed. Now only the Hindu have fun gods, although Vishnu appears to have evolved to the top of the lot. However, since Vishnu has many avatars or incarnations, the Hindu religion never gets as dull and boring as the monotheistic ones.

Be that as it may, these very entertaining early religions, by featuring a Top God – Zeus, Jove, Thor, Aton Ra, and etc., contained the seed of the evolution of a Supreme Being. Soon the Jews believed in only one God, who was perfect in all ways. Christians believed the same, except they differed from Jews in that they believed Jesus was the long awaited Messiah, and the Jews are still waiting. Muslims incorporated all that came before from the Jews and Christians, then declared some of the teachings of God were lost and corrupted by man, leaving only the Quran as the perfect, unchanged and uncorrupted word of God.

Unfortunately, since God had to transmit his word through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad, clearly an imperfect being based on the evidence of history, it is corrupted too. The Satanic verses and other mistakes are simple and clear proof that the Quran, like the Torah and Bible before it, is flawed and therefore could not be the uncorrupted teachings of a perfect God.

Returning to the point of this discussion, such things as the existence of a Devil or two or more would be a mistake, another proof of imperfection that is incompatible with the God we created.

Therefore, the Devil is obviously a creation of man to place the blame for his sins on “evil forces,” and not on his own weaknesses and failings. “The Devil made me do it.”

Baloney! Or “bologna!” for the purists among us, and “BS!” for the impurists.

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