Saturday, November 04, 2006

Solving The Illegal Aliens' Babies Problem

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Mexican ambulance bound for an American hospital maternity ward

An editorial in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (California), expressed concern that a child born in America of illegal aliens (the Press Democrat calls them “immigrants”) should not have to show citizenship papers to receive medical treatment under Medicaid. Their editorial position is that the baby is an American citizen and should immediately be treated as such, regardless of the status of the parents.

In the scenario established by the editorial, the baby was born in the hospital that would be called upon to provide subsequent treatment. The hospital knows the baby was born in America, therefore it’s obvious the baby is an American, so why all the red tape?

The hospital will still treat the baby. It’s just that the hospital won't be reimbursed unless the baby's parent files a Medicaid application, with citizenship papers.

At this point I ask, “What’s the problem?”

The baby didn’t walk into the hospital by itself, so grab a parent and have them fill out the forms.

Or as a reader suggested, have them pay for the treatment, and then be reimbursed when Medicaid pays the hospital.

My suggestion gets to the basis of the problem. As long as American citizenship is the prize for illegal aliens who can find some way to have their baby on American soil, we will have a lot of pregnant illegal aliens rushing to deliver their babies in American hospitals.

One estimate is that illegal aliens have 300,000 babies in America annually. Personally, I think the study mixed up the statistics, and that was the total for California alone.

We can change the law so that a baby born in America is a citizen of the country of its parents’ citizenship, and is an American only if born of American parents.

There is ample precedent for this position. As an example, and as I know from direct experience gained from over 21 years in the Air Force, many babies were and are born overseas of American parents, and every one of those babies is an American citizen. My oldest granddaughter, Leaha, born in the Landstuhl Army Hospital in Germany, is one of them.

Whenever medically necessary, babies will still be born in American hospitals, still be treated in American hospitals, but they won’t be American citizens if their parents aren’t.

One positive of this change is that there probably would be a reduction in the number of babies born in American hospitals.

Another positive is that many pregnant women will not have to make the long, dangerous journey to cross the border to have their child. Without the reward of American citizenship for their babies as the prize for breaking our immigration laws, they might as well deliver their babies in the comfort and safety of their own country.

Finally, as I noted months ago in my post, "Making The Army Of Reconquista," Mexicans intend to take back California by turning on the full firepower of their females' fallopian tubes, doing just what the Muslims are doing in their conquest of Europe, as reported by Mark Steyn.

It puzzles me that, with our culture at stake, we and the Europeans are so eager to help them win.


Jonathan said...

Just to clarify a point you seemed to be making: are you suggesting that just because an undocumented alien gives birth to a child on US soil, they will also gain citizenship? If so, that law does not exist. For a child to petition for a parent to become a citizen, which would be the only path available, they must be 21 years of age. If that was not your point, and that only the baby in question should not be given citizenship, I'm not sure you give a compelling reason why that law should be overturned. It was originally passed as a way to ensure emancipated slaves were not deported, and I'm not so sure we should jump to revoking it. Changing our constitution should make everyone take a very deep, long breath.

Major Combs said...

As you should gather from reading my post, I made no mention of the parents gaining citizenship. On the other point, why should we be the only nation that gives citizenship just because a child whose parents are not citizens is born here?
About changing our constitution, it was changed to solve the problem of emancipated slaves. That's all well and good, but that problem no longer exists. A constitution changed should be capable of being changed back. Then we would just be like the rest of the world, including Mexico.
My oldest granddaughter was born in Germany while my oldest son was stationed there in the Army. She does not have, nor does she have a claim to, German citizenship.

Anonymous said...

After being a local resident of Sonoma County all of my life, I have in turn watch the non legal Mexicans basically over populate the local systems to the point where I was forced to find different schooling for my first child due to the fact that over 60% of the class she was in spoke Spanish. This in affect caused the language of the class hours to be primarily in a second language to our own (English), So that being the same school in which I attended was at that point no longer something to be herald as a family legacy. I think that yes the children have permission to be born here in case of emergency only to those with travel visa's and maybe the Mexican government (what a sham that is) should maybe have to a lot the U.S working class so many acres of their precious soil for every child born, or average dollar spent out of our tax paying dollars. As a local of Sonoma County I am sickened to see those that I grew up with locally move further up north to try to desperate their families from such a large immigrant influance. Yes I do think there should be land granted to the U. S for all help given. And maybe some day maybe the Mexican government will stop giving their people packets on how to get over here and abuse our systems! Oh and that last part about the packets was told to me by a local pastor that did GODS Work over there.