Friday, November 10, 2006

Republican Straw Poll For 2008

As frequent readers of this blog, and both of you know who you are, you know it is my firm conviction that we should have started the 2008 presidential campaign the day after President Bush was reelected in November 2004.

Hillary started running for 2008 while the chads were still hanging in 2001.

John Kerry was the sacrificial lamb in 2004 for Hillary, then recently opened his voluminous mouth and thoughtfully erased himself from competing against her in 2008. I wonder what she will say in her Thank You note to him. It should start out: "Dear John."

One good thing to come out of the 2006 election. Republicans have weeded out the "bad idea" candidates and "no chancers."

Still, we are getting off to a late start for 2008.

But better late than never, and this survey is a good way to start.

And leave comments, please.

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