Friday, November 03, 2006

New York Times Confirms Iraqi WMD

The New York Times confirmed that captured documents show Iraq under Saddam Hussein had a program to produce the ultimate WMD.

The program was so advanced that the Times is concerned that the disclosure of the information in the translated documents would assist Iran to develop their nuke.

These are shattering disclosures by the Times.

For the first time, they confirm President Bush was correct about something, anything, in this case, Iraq’s WMD’s.

The second “first,” the New York Times is concerned about the disclosure of security information!

The first disclosure isn’t that shocking. Those of us paying attention knew Iraq had WMD’s, and a program to develop a nuke. (Just look through the archives of Captain's Quarters)

But the second, The Times concerned about disclosure of security matters –


There is an explanation for The Times’ concern. It upsets The Times that they couldn’t be the first blowing security this time.

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