Friday, December 01, 2006

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Liberal Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy of New York Times and Liberals - The left is selective about outrage over loss of freedoms.
California Global Warming Carmaker Lawsuit is Specious - No harm to Californians, no legal standing to sue, right?
US Freedom of the Press Rated Low in World Opinion - Especially by those who have little or no freedom.
Affirmative Action Defeat Met With Deafening Silence - The liberal main stream media thinks affirmative action is still alive if they don't run its obituary.
Niggardly Liberals vs. Compassionate Conservatives - Liberals are generous with other people's money.
Asian And Black Racial Disparity In America - Liberals don't like minorities that don't need help.


The Accountability Congress - Mission Impossible, Democrats hanging on to power in 2008.
Pelosi Sabotages Her Own Big Day - This should also be filed under Just Plain Dumb Democrats.
No Surprises In Democrat Agenda - It's as incoherent as we thought it would be.
Political Football - Democrats can win as long as Republicans are determined to beat themselves.


Our Income Taxes are not Progressive - and never will be, but a national sales tax can be.
Replace the IRS with a National Sales Tax - An idea whose time has come.
Keep It Simple, Simplifiers - Tax to raise revenue, not to do social engineering.

Republican Issues

Republican Straw Poll For 2008 - Times a'wastin'!

Illegal Immigration

Property Rights? We Don't Need No Stinking Property Rights -

Just Plain Dumb Liberals

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Fool or Fraud? - Both?

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