Saturday, December 10, 1994

Our 1994 Christmas Letter

December 10, l994

Here is the sixth newsletter from the Combs’ Oak Creek Ranch. For a while we thought we couldn’t keep up with the mortgage as we had some tough times. Since last December Alice took a substantial cut in pay, and Michael feared a Lockheed layoff until March when the fear became a reality.

However, better times are here! Alice’s business is doing better along with the rest of the California economy, and Michael is now happy to be the assistant controller at Power Spectra in Sunnyvale. While Michael was between jobs he tried brokering businesses with an agency called Business Team. He signed up a half dozen listings which Alice has taken over in her “spare” time from Vulcan.

We never got out of the country since last Christmas, but spent some time in the states of Hawaii and Washington and covered California from Eureka down to Garden Grove. Next year should be more exotic with Mexican and Caribbean travel. We also haven't been skiing since last Christmas, but we expect to do a little of that, too, this year.

Last summer Alice’s mother admitted to having memory problems. A brain tumor was discovered and operated on in October. Even though the growth is benign, there are still major mental problems. She comes in and out of various stages of mental awareness, and we are most grateful when she is aware and feeling positive enough to joke and smile.

Our five children and their five offspring are all doing fine. Bruce recently got back from military duty in Haiti. He noted how the media has so many incorrect "facts." Evelyn, Melicia and Leaha are all looking great, and in a recent picture we were amazed how much Melicia looks like Evelyn. 

Jeanette and her Irish fiancé, Kieran Mone, are planning a Catholic wedding next April 29th at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They just bought a house in Marin which they will be moving into just before Christmas. Jeanette is still at Cigna, but now she has her own private office with a view!

Scott and Tracy are keeping busy with their three children, Ashley, Mikey, and Travis (l-l-94). Ashley will learn what being a flower girl is like next April 29th at Jeanette’s wedding.

Debbie is back from her foreign travels, and now doing the 8 to 5 routine. She would like a challenging job to apply her education and skills, and all we can tell her is that it will come in time.

Jeffrey is now happily applying his DVC degree and training at his job with a heating and air conditioning company. He has a special girlfriend named Stephanie, who Michael and l are dying to meet when she comes down for Christmas from Washington state. Also, Jeff has a regular haircut!

We hope you all have a joyful Christmas and 1995.