Thursday, April 10, 2003

Women In Black Get Fast Results!

Independent Coast Observer

This Friday the Women in Black demonstrated for an end to the war in their largest numbers yet. Friday evening I watched Coalition tanks cruising through Baghdad streets. Such fast results!

In a previous letter, I ended that the Iraqis would greet us by asking: “What took you so long?” As I watched TV news showing British soldiers liberating Basrah, and pictures of jubilant Iraqis thanking them and dancing on a British tank, they were shouting, “What took you so long!”

That the Iraqis are glad to see us is a mystery only to the Left. News that the Butcher of Baghdad has finally been overthrown has unleashed a torrent of eye witness accounts of atrocities his cruel regime inflicted on its own citizens: Iraqi death squads killing husbands and children in front of their wives and mothers; forcing civilians to be human shields while the Saddam loyalists attacked Coalition forces; and hiding military equipment in mosques and hospitals.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Saddam was responsible for the deaths of three million Iraqis and over a million Iranians. Along the way, Saddam gassed 5,000 Kurds, mostly women and children, in 1988.

In fact, Saddam is responsible for more Muslim deaths than any other person in history, including the total killed in all of the Crusades. Still, the Left stands up for Saddam, Osama, Yasser, and Fidel, and supports regime change only when discussing President Bush. The Left chants “no blood for oil,” but the French, Germans and Russians have profiteered selling armaments and building bunkers and palaces for Saddam with the oil money meant for sick and starving Iraqis.

I used to tell Leftists that “Saddam is no Boy Scout,” but I stopped saying that when I realized they thought I was complimenting Saddam.

Human Shields "Bug Out"


I'm glad Tom Cahill escaped from Iraq. Other human shields left Baghdad recently, and their experiences were reported by UPI and other news agencies. Two human shields were so shocked by Iraqi descriptions of atrocities committed by Saddam, that they switched from opposition to support of the war. Many other human shields left when they found the Iraqis wanted them to shield military targets.

Cahill's statement that human shields were specifically targeted seems as credible as the statements of Baghdad Bob, the Iraqi information officer who can say that there are no Coalition forces in Baghdad while a camera shot over his shoulder shows Coalition tanks roaming the banks of the Tigris.

During the phase of the war when shields would have been in transit, Coalition targeting was strategic, not tactical. Cahill is paranoid with delusions of grandeur to think that Coalition forces would, or ever could, identify and track the movements of inconsequential noncombatants.

If Cahill truly believes the stories, he was also a witness to a miracle: in fact, a double miracle, given the precision of Coalition missiles and bombs. Targeted buses? Dead human shields! The fact that they are not dead is proof in itself that they were not targeted and bombed.

Cahill will probably find many committed peace activists eager to repeat this story, and many others who lack the common sense to pick it apart. However, he should be careful not to expose the story to someone who can critically analyze it.

("Bug Out" - from the Korean War. When attacked by overwhelming forces, to "bug out" meant to throw your gun and gear away so the weight would not slow down your speedy departure!
"When the Chinese mortars begins to thuggin', the old Deuce Four begins to buggin' ")