Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jimmy Carter Continues Idiocy

Jimmy Carter continues to show us why he is considered the worst president of all. His comments about racist motivation are both stupid and irresponsible. And his comment about how it smacks of Nazism is particularly egregious, given that Democrats continually compared George Bush and Republicans to Nazis.

In fact, Democrats love to "Nazify" Republicans, as you will find if you click on this link which will take you to voluminous examples.

Bill Clinton may have earned the title of our first Black president when he started messing with Monica, but he was still lilly white when Hillarycare was shot down.

Jimmy Carter has been called many things over the years, but Black isn't one of them. Still, his health care reform was shot down on the basis of its lack of merit, just like Clinton's and Obama's.

Calling your opponents' disagreement with your policies racism is the last refuge of desperate scoundrels.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

House Hypocrites Threaten to Sanction Joe Wilson

The House Democrats threaten to sanction Joe Wilson for yelling "you lie" at Obama.


None were santioned when Democrats heckled President Bush during his 2005 State of the Union speech.

Liberal hypocrites!

Bill Clinton was not sanctioned for lying to Congress under oath when he said "I did not have sex with that woman."

Democrat hypocrites!

Please excuse the redundancies. When writing about Liberals and Democrats, the word "hypocrite" isn't necessary.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama School Speech - San Francisco Chronicle Displays Bias

According to the Chronicle, “(T)he frenzied reaction to the innocuous news that President Obama will address schoolchildren Tuesday suggests that the ever-louder fringe of the Republican Party has lost control of its senses.” (Senseless reaction to Obama’s school talk, Sept. 5, 2009) I wonder what the Chronicle’s position was in 1991 when President George H. W. Bush delivered a similar speech. The day after the speech, the Washington Post denounced it on its front page. The Congressional majority Democrats directed a General Accounting Office investigation, then held an extensive hearing. The National Education Association added a denunciation, even though Bush’s speech was as unremarkable as Obama’s. No doubt the Chronicle editorialized then that the entire Democrat Party had lost control of its senses.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

New York Times is Right - Obamacare

Once again I find myself agreeing with The New York Times.

That's scary!

Now The Times editorializes that the Democrats should pass Obamacare without any Republican votes.

I agree.

I can't think of a faster way for Democrats to commit political hari kari. The effect on the political futures of Blue Dog Democrats would be delightfully drastic. Election Day 2010 is just around the corner, and public support of Democrats is falling because of their attempts to socialize healthcare reform, not because of their inability to do so.

Medicare/Medicaid are bankrupt.

Obama wants Medicare/Medicaid for all.

"Everybody abandon the healthcare insurance that you like, and jump onto the USS (Universally Sinking Swiftly) Obamacare."

"And have faith in our Great Pilot."


Kim Jong Il?

No, in Obama-messiah, following the wisdom of his Great Teacher, Saint Teddy of Chappaquiddick.

How Do You Get Obama off the Time Cover?

I finally found something to thank Ted Kennedy for. He got Obama off the cover of Time!

Not just once, but by breaking the Obama chain, the following week Time put Jay Leno on its cover.

Of course, it won't last.

I think the Time/Obama cover watch will end next week, featuring Obama's infomercial to the students of America.

Essay topic for students: "How should we worship Obama? Let us count the ways."

Does anyone think that Obama will say anything to the students that the teachers' unions haven't fully vetted?

"Listen to your teachers, O boys and girls, and they surely will show you the way to Obama."

Friday, September 04, 2009

History Dunce Joe Biden

Joe Biden was a poor student. He graduated near the bottom of his class. As the years rolled by, he didn't improve. He has been found to be a plagiarist and a liar.

The passage of time hasn't improved him, particularly in his knowledge of history. That doesn't stop him from making wildly inaccurate statements. He's too dumb to realize that the age of the Internet has made fact checking very easy.

Biden's latest false remark was that Social Security, created in the 1930s, and Medicare, passed in the 1960s, lacked much initial Republican support.

I wish they did, but they didn't. As reported in The Hill:

But the Social Security Act, passed in 1935 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, passed 372-33 in the House. Some 81 House Republicans crossed the aisle to back the bill. Just 15 Republicans opposed it. In the Senate, the legislation passed 77-6, with 16 Republicans supporting it and five Republicans voting against it.

The bill creating Medicare, a cornerstone of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, passed in 1965 with similar GOP backing. In the House, the bill passed 307-116, with 70 Republicans supporting it. The bill passed 70-24 in the Senate, with 13 of the 32 Republicans voting for it.
This reminds me of Democrat mythology about Republicans opposing Civil Rights legislation. In truth, higher percentages of Republicans voted to pass Civil Rights legislation than the Democrats. History-challenged Democrats like Biden somehow overlook that the opposition to passing Civil Rights came from Southern Democrats - the "Dixiecrats" - such as Al Gore, Senior, and their long-serving and revered former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Byrd.

Biden and the Democrats get failing grades in history, but straight "A's" in lying about it.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ted Kenndy Died to Save Our Healthcare

Teddy died for us - for our healthcare - and Mary Jo Kopechne can finally tell him how proud she is of her part in making it all come true.

Healthcare Apostle Harry Reid brings us the gospel according to Obama.