Monday, November 11, 2002

Hypocisy Is A Tradition Of The Left

Editor, Independent Coast Observer

I was tempted to accept Peter Lippman's offer of a "Mendonoma" truce, but have chosen not to, since there is still the matter of Mr. Lippman calling me a "hatemonger," and the fact that I still consider him a hypocrite, and a sincere one at that. Actually, based on the tortuous, Clintonesque attempts Mr. Lippman made to define his subjectivity as objectivity, and his odd statement that he and like-minded individuals "think touching and feeling are life and death issues," I thought he had already given up the fight.

The left certainly has, and in fact is in full retreat. Four out of five Americans, including over half the Democrats, are glad that George W. Bush, not Bill Clinton, is leading us in these perilous times. As Bill Clinton "dallianced" through the 90's, the bodies of American soldiers were dragged through streets in Somalia, the World Trade center was bombed in 1993, U. S. military personnel were bombed in Saudi Arabia in 1995 and 1996, two U. S. embassies were bombed in Africa in 1998, and the USS Cole was bombed in 2000. After each bombing, Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. However, the only thing he did was have $66,000,000 worth of Tomahawk missiles raise some dust in Afghanistan and destroy a pharmaceutical factory and kill some night watchmen and cleaning ladies in Sudan. No follow-up on this missile strike was made, and much later we tacitly admitted that the Sudan strike was a mistake. If Bill Clinton had not felt the need to distract the public from embarrassing Monica revelations, he would not have made any response at all.

In his response to Alice and my letters, Mr. Lippman exhorted us to also help improve the lives of innocent children (and adults) in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. Alice and I concur totally with this wish, since their own oppressive governments inflict their misery on them, and we support and encourage the overthrow of their governments and their replacement by democracies. In fact, if all of the failed socialist governments in the world were replaced by democracies and capitalism, terrorism would die out as prosperity bloomed. The left would not like this. Soon the Peoples' Republic of Berkeley would be the only venue left where proud and unrepentant socialists could be studied.

The left continues to trumpet free speech and diversity, while championing the oppression of same at the University of California at Berkeley. There, the left demanded retractions, apologies, and "sensitivity" training when the student newspaper ran an advertisement against reparations for Blacks, and when a conservative student newspaper ran an editorial cartoon depicting the September 11 highjackers in Hell, instead of being serviced by 72 virgins at the right hand of Allah.

I conclude from the above that hypocrisy is a respected leftist tradition, and that Mr. Lippman is steadfastly following this tradition.

Alice and I thank him for commending us for our "ascendancy to the School Board." However, we are disappointed that a previous writer, Ms. Bullamore, did not provide the ICO a summary of the actions she and like-minded individuals took at the October 4 School Board meeting, where it was reported that volunteers were sought but not found. We trust that other service opportunities will arise, and that concerned citizens will then come forward.