Monday, November 08, 2004

After We Won! 2004

In this Fools Paradise for Liberal Democrats, I would like to say some nice words of consolation: You have very good looking political yard signs here in the Land of the Lost.

You have already picked a sure-fire winning rationale for your loss – American voters are too uneducated and uninformed to be trusted to vote intelligently. Since the Left dominates public education and the main stream media, it is interesting to hear that we, the ignorant right-wing scum (as I was labeled in a letter to the ICO) are the fruits of your labors.

You accuse us of being violent and narrow-minded, and yet it is our yard signs that are destroyed as fast as they are put up, and yours aren’t. I spent hundreds of dollars, and several hours of driving, to provide a friend two large Bush/Cheney signs. He spent time and materials to place them on his property, and within two days they were gone. Many Republican friends would not display the smaller yard signs and bumper stickers I bought for them, because they were afraid of vandalism and their neighbors’ reactions.

You say that now the election is over, President Bush and the growing Republican majorities in the House and Senate should work with you. How about you working with us? Did the thought ever occur to you that if your ideas are better than ours, you would have won, and would be leading?

You challenged us to watch Fahrenheit 9/11, and we did, but then we watched Fahrenhype 9/11 to learn of all the lies and distortions Michael Moore fed to a gullible audience. I challenge you to watch Fahrenhype 9/11 – the truth may set you free, believing lies won’t.

I feel your pain, and am glad it’s not mine.

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