Monday, September 22, 2014

Imminently Ignorant Democrat Leaders

In my weekly ICO letter two weeks ago I noted that Governor Brown still wants to blow over $68 billion on his bullet train vanity project, that will then operate at a taxpayer–subsidized loss until some hopefully not-distant day when it's replaced by something that makes sense. For those who doubt it will operate at a loss, name me one major public transportation system that breaks even, and in the unlikely event one is found, I can list a hundred that don’t.

If Governor Brown looked at historical California drought records he would see that the past hundred years were unusually wet, and that mega-droughts have been the rule for over 1,300 years in California ( We already have high-speed transportation between San Francisco and Los Angeles; it’s called air travel. While we don’t have an answer for the much bigger problem of endemic drought, a $68 billion investment in desalinization and water storage and distribution would go a long ways towards finding one.

Brown is far from the only highly ignorant prominent Democrat.

On MSNBC ( “Hillary Clinton called out climate change ‘deniers’ at a clean energy conference in Las Vegas … Clinton began her remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit by laying out the problems climate change is already causing today, including extreme weather and droughts. ‘[These are] the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face,’ she said. ‘No matter what deniers say.’”

Government studies disprove that the US is experiencing extreme weather and drought, and government organizations provided the following charts. Drought since 1900 is historically low ( Precipitation is trending up ( Land-falling hurricanes are at an all-time low since 1910 ( So are strong-to-violent tornadoes since 1954 ( And the annual heat-wave index since 1895 (

Hillary, you are clueless.

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