Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"False Alarm" Should Be Required Reading

     I would not give five stars to a work that contains a fundamental error, but "False Alarm" is so pertinent that everyone on Earth should read this book. Whether climate change skeptic or alarmist, there is much that both sides will find valuable and useful, but before I indulge in fulsome praise Mr. Lomborg does have a fundamental flaw in his presentation: being ignorant of or overlooking thousands of prior periods of natural climate change that warmed Earth far more than even the most unlikely climate model forecast. If while reading "False Alarm" you mentally eliminate all of the scenarios of human actions to causes and combat climate change, the rest of his presentation becomes even stronger and timely. One word it sums up: adaptation. 

     Personally, I would like to take Mr. Lomborg and the rest of the world into the light of reason and science by debating; Proposition: climate change is natural and always has been. The obvious result is triumph for the affirmative and then Mr. Lomborg's positions on economic progress such as improved education, innovation, and health becomes foundations for the rapid and dramatic betterment of humankind. This would place Mr. Lombard in the company of the greatest humanitarian of all, who he mentions, Norman Borlaug. Leadership like theirs validates optimism for us all.

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