Sunday, December 16, 2007

Michael Vick’s “Friends”

My thoughts about basic human decency included the assumption that Michael Vick’s cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs would disgust everyone who heard the details of their torture and gruesome execution. When I watched the Atlanta Falcons being drubbed by the New Orleans Saints, I saw just the opposite in the Atlanta stands and sideline.

Who were those people wearing the Michael Vick # “7” jerseys? Closet sadistic torturers?

What was in the minds of Vick’s former teammates when they decided to wear “free Michael Vick” t-shirts under their game jerseys, and paint “MV 7” under their eyes, and tape it on their helmets?

Don’t their minds comprehend the pain and suffering Michael Vick inflicted on those dogs? He didn’t just kill them, he tortured them to death. He watched them writhe in pain and agony as he killed them and they slowly died, and he enjoyed their suffering.

Do Vick’s Falcon teammates comprehend that Michael Vick was tried, convicted, and sentenced in a federal court for serious violations? Do they know that he still faces charges for violating state laws? Do they realize that these charges, convictions, and sentences are deserved, and are not an unjust persecution of Michael Vick?

I got the impression watching their sideline antics that his former Falcon teammates were making a show of supporting Michael Vick, and that they thought he had been unfairly prosecuted.

I could sense they were thinking, “They wouldn’t be doing this if Michael Vick was white.”

What human being knows what Michael Vick was found guilty of and then says “Free Michael Vick?”

What is this mindless loyalty to Michael Vick? Atlanta fans and his teammates were counting on him to make exciting plays and help the Falcons win. He was easily the Falcon’s best player, and he let them down completely. And for what?

For the sadistic delight of watching what could have been affectionate and loyal pets kill and maim each other? You know that’s what dog fighting is, don’t you? Do you think you can just deny the reality of what Michael Vick did to those dogs? Can you put it out of your mind that the whole point of what he did was to witness cruel and sadistic injury and death to dogs?

And to gamble on it.

That’s right. In all the outrage about the pain and suffering Vick and his criminal friends inflicted on the dogs, it should never be overlooked that illegal gambling was the key element that motivated the dog fighting.

What was Vick?

That’s right, a professional football player.

What was he doing?

Right again, illegally gambling.

What happens to professional athletes when they are caught illegally gambling?

They’re banned for life, aren’t they?

Why would Michael Vick’s fans and teammates expect him to be treated differently than Pete Rose? Who, by the way, is white. Pete Rose certainly has far greater stature in sports than Michael Vick ever had, or now ever will. Pete Rose was not just a Hall of Fame performer, he was one of the premier or iconic Hall of Fame performers, the record holder for most base hits and games played, among others, and played in six World Series and sixteen All Star games in a 23-year career.

But he’s not in the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose gambled; Pete Rose was banned for life. The only way he can get into the Hall of Fame is to buy a ticket at the door.

And if justice is served, that will be the only way Michael Vick will ever be able to get into another professional football game.

If it was up to me, he would be banned at the gate.

I couldn’t stand being in the same stadium with such a cruel, sadistic, and inhumane person.

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