Friday, December 14, 2007

More United Nations Fraud - Global Warming

The United Nations never learns. The UN was caught red-handed running its Food For Oil scam with Saddam - no wonder they opposed the United States overthrowing him - so now they are putting all their efforts into their Global Warming Swindle.

The United Nations released their usual fraudulent, fear-mongering propaganda to try to spark the Bali conference into forcing the United States to make stupid commitments that would seriously damage our economy (and the rest of the world’s economies, too).

According to the UN, ten of the past twelve years were the warmest on record. On what record?

The United States, according to NASA, experienced six of its ten warmest years over fifty years ago. Since the United States has the most complete and sophisticated weather observation system in the world, its weather records probably do a better job of representing global temperature trends than any other.

Glaciers are in retreat all over the world (UN).

True, and have been for over 150 years since the end of the Little Ice Age in 1850. That’s a century of glacier retreat before the atmospheric concentration of CO2 began its rapid increase after 1950.

Sea levels are rising (UN).

True, and have risen over 400 feet, or an average of two feet per century, since the end of the Ice Age. Since the end of the Little Ice Age, just over 150 years ago, sea levels have risen at a rate of about half a foot per century. In other words, sea levels were rising for a century before mankind began significant hydrocarbon use, and the current trend is merely a continuation.

In fact, as CO2 concentration began its rapid increase starting around 1945, global temperatures fell for three decades.

The same three decades that solar activity was lower.

Then temperatures increased for the next three decades.

The same three decades that solar activity increased.

According to the UN, the current century is perhaps the warmest in 1,300 years.

Perhaps not, since the Medieval Warm Period was within the past 1,000 years, and has been proven to have been much warmer than today. If proof you want, proof you get, and you don’t even need thermometer records or to count tree rings. Go to England and look at records of vineyards flourishing 1,000 years ago where they don't, or barely survive, today.

Grapevines don’t lie, and have no politics. Since the invention of wine and discovery of its salubrious effects, mankind has wanted to grow grapes nearby, and for a period of about three centuries, the English could. Now, with a lot of effort and expense, and greatly improved agricultural practices and cold tolerant vines, they almost can again.

A Harvard study of over 240 world-wide climate studies concluded the Medieval Warm Period was a global event, and that it was warmer then than now.

Going back just a bit further, about 5,000 years, the Holocene Optimum was even warmer.

The logic of carbon dioxide as a driver of climate change escapes me. In fact, it's completely illogical. During previous warming periods, carbon dioxide increased, but the increase followed warming, not preceded it.

That makes perfect sense.

What would cause carbon dioxide to increase, with resulting warming? During most of the warming periods, there were no beings recognizable as humans, and for recent warming periods there were at most a couple of million humans living at a bare subsistence level.

So what would cause increases in CO2, if mankind couldn’t be blamed?

Actually, the answer is very simple: CO2 increases naturally following warming – warming resulting from natural factors, such as solar activity and orbital variation – and huge quantities are released by the oceans as they warm. And from exposed rock as warming causes weathering.

Therefore, we would expect atmospheric carbon dioxide to increase during this period of natural warming, regardless of mankind’s paltry contribution, and mankind’s contribution is paltry. Nature produces about 680 gigatonnes of CO2 per year, to which mankind adds about 7 gigatonnes, or roughly one percent.

Still, after all that CO2 is generated, it only makes up 0.038% of the atmosphere, while another potent greenhouse gas, water vapor, makes up approximately one percent of the atmosphere, or roughly 26 times the amount of CO2.

Based on its sheer insignificance, CO2 and climate change is much ado about nothing, particularly since water vapor, a much more potent greenhouse gas, cannot be modeled effectively (particularly on the basis of human activity) and therefore has been left out of climate change computer models.

That's like leaving the pictures out when you conduct a survey of why men buy Playboy.

Five hundred million years ago carbon dioxide was 20 times more prevalent than today, decreasing to 4-5 times during the Jurassic period (200 to 145 million years ago, the middle of the Age of Dinosaurs) and then maintained a slow decline until the industrial revolution.

Now, for some reason, it is very important for some individuals and organizations to find impending disaster in the efforts of others to improve their economic circumstances.

Why is that?

Why would Al Gore and his Acolytes, and the United Nations and its Sycophants, want to gain control over the economic decisions made by individuals and nations?

Again, the answer is simple. They want power, they want to be in charge. It used to be easier to get power. All you had to do was demagogue a people to the extent you gained power over the military, then strengthen the military and liquidate all opposition. Now you have to find a cause that fixes blame on the activities of man, and then be the agent to fix the problem.

For an example of the method, just watch “The Music Man.”

“We got trouble
Right here on Planet Earth
It begins with ‘T’
And that rhymes with ‘G’
And that stands for global warming”

Hallelujah, brothers and sisters, thanks to Al Gore and the United Nations, salvation is at hand!

Just not yours.

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