Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking One For The Flipper – Hillary’s Adviser Resigns for Obama Drugs Remark

Bill Shaheen, Clinton's New Hampshire co-chair and the husband of former governor Jeanne Shaheen, told the Washington Post that Obama’s past drug use would be brought up by Republicans and would lead to more questions about how much he abused, whether he sold any, etc.

Shaheen also used the occasion to take a dig at President Bush for alleged youthful drug experimentation, and to accuse the Republicans of dirty tricks that Republicans haven’t even had a chance to pull – yet.

Shaheen then resigned his position on Hillary’s campaign staff, and said in a statement announcing his resignation that his remarks to The Washington Post on Wednesday were "in no way authorized" by the senator from New York or her campaign.

But somebody had to do something to stop the drop, and a desperate Hillary camp cried, “Someone has to bring up the toke, the coke.”

I wonder, do Democrats draw straws to see who will fall on their sword for Hillary?

After Shaheen’s resignation, Mark Penn, Hillary’s chief strategist, appeared on MSNBC's "Hardball."

"The issue related to cocaine use is not something the campaign is in any way raising," Penn said as he raised the issue.

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